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Dental Health in Hormonal Periods in Women

Women need to show more interest in oral and dental health during the hormonal change periods they experience. Especially pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are important periods for dental health.

Before these periods, dental check-ups are required.
In addition to the daily care of the teeth, dental check-ups at intervals of 3-6 months are very important. In addition to these care processes, women should have a detailed oral control before hormonal periods. The problems detected by the dentist should be eliminated before entering these stages. Since x-rays cannot be taken during pregnancy, panoramic x-rays covering the entire lower and upper jaw should be taken and examined in detail by the physician before pregnancy.

Caries may increase during pregnancy
It should be emphasized that the pregnancy period is the most special period in terms of female dental health.

Oral acid level changes during pregnancy, which causes changes in the bacterial environment. Especially in people with nausea and vomiting problems, it causes stomach acid, negative results on teeth and gums. There is an increase in dental caries due to nausea, and if oral care is neglected during this period, the risk situation may reach a higher level. To protect the teeth, the mouth should be rinsed with water after vomiting and the teeth should be brushed after half an hour.

Oral and dental health during menopause
It should be noted that during menopause, there are psychological changes as well as hormonal changes. Oral care is neglected due to psychological changes. During this period, estrogen level decreases to the minimum level, estrogen deficiency negatively affects calcium absorption and causes bone resorption. Due to the drugs used in this period, saliva secretion decreases, the thickness of the oral mucosa and gingiva decreases, together with bone resorption and gingival recession, regular dental check-ups and necessary treatments should be carried out before and during this period. In order to prevent osteoporosis, which is the most serious problem of this period, the necessary amount of calcium should be taken, and oral hygiene should be paid attention to prevent tooth loss. To prevent dry mouth, rinse the mouth frequently with water, if not enough, artificial saliva solutions and moisturizing mouthwashes should be used.

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