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Endodontics (Root – Canal Treatment)

Endodontics aims to eliminate the problems that may occur in the dental pulp that protected by the hard tissue of the teeth with techniques such as canal treatment, fiber post, retreatment, vital pulp (capping).

Endodontics; It is a medical field that consists of the combination of the Greek words “Endo” (inside) and “odont” (tooth).
Endodontics deals with diseases related to the vascular and nerve tissue of the tooth, dense dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the tooth.

    Vital Pulp (Capping) Treatments

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    One of the principles of preservative dentistry is to protect the living part of the tooth as much as possible while performing dental treatment. Vital pulp (capping) is a form of treatment to save teeth that do not need root canal treatment yet. Since the living part is not completely removed, the tooth is expected to last longer.

    It is the process of removing part of the pulp, which is the nerve / vascular in the middle of the tooth, instead of the whole pulp. There is pulp tissue living in the crown, It is a less invasive procedure compared to root canal treatment. If the tooth decay has reached the pulp in the crown part but has not reached the roots yet, the capping procedure is preferred.

    Root Canal Retreatment

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    It is possible that a previous root canal treatment has failed for any reason. Although recurrent root canal treatment is an undesirable process, it may need to be repeated due to reasons such as infection. In such problems, the definitive solution is achieved with the retreatment method.

    In cases where the root canal treatment is required again due to the infection occurring in the tooth undergoing root canal treatment for any reason, the filling materials are removed in the first session and the medicin that eliminate the infection are placed and the canal is closed. Permanent filling is made after 7 to 10 days. This process can be repeated until the infection is completely over.

    Fiber Post Applications
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    Our dentists prioritize methods to protect existing teeth as much as possible while planning treatment.

    It is the process of placing a rod (post) in the root canal and placing a crown on the rod if there is not enough tooth wall on the tooth with root canal treatment. When evaluating treatment options in patients with anterior crown fractures, if excessive crown damage has occurred, fiber post application may be required following root canal treatment to increase retention. It is a method that supports both the root and the crown by means of a rod extended into the root and increases the resistance of the tooth.

    Root Canal treatment
    Root canal treatment is no longer a nightmare.

    Root canal treatment is the nightmare of many patients. During the application, pain is complained due to the intervention made in the nerve channels. However, in advanced infections, painless procedures can be performed with more advanced anesthesia. Do not delay your treatment to prevent tooth loss.

    Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. The term “root canal” comes from cleaning of the canals inside a tooth’s root. the filling it.
    It consists of 3 separate layers as enamel, dentin and pulp. If the infection reaches the pulp layer, which is rich in blood vessels and nerves, instead of pulling the tooth, the tooth can be saved by cleaning and filling the pulp by performing canal treatment.

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