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Jaw and Dental Surgery

Jaw and dental surgery is a wide range of dental expertise that includes many procedures such as embedded tooth extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, root tip (apical resection) treatments, jaw cyst treatments, soft tissue lesions and jaw pathologies.

Maxillofacial and dental surgery is a medical field that aims to treat all aesthetic and functional problems caused by congenital or acquired complaints of all tissues in the teeth, jaw and face regions with surgical methods.

    TemporoMandibular Joint treatment

    Contact us for effective diagnosis and treatment of jaw joint (TemporoMandibular Joint) diseases.

    The jaw has a strong joint with high mobility. Besides, it has a complex structure. There may be problems requiring compulsory treatment in the jaw joint, as well as an intervention in the jaw joint with aesthetic concerns. The procedures are performed by specialist physicians in the field of TMJ.

    The jaw joint (Temporo – Mandibular joint) is a movable capsule where the lower jawbone and the base of the skull meet. Problems such as ankylosis in the jawbone, failure to open the mouth, joint pain, congenital joint anomaly, tumoral development and subsequent trauma – accident may occur. All of these are called jawbone diseases and are included in the treatment of maxillofacial surgery.

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Jaw Bone Pathologies

    Consult us for effective diagnosis and correct planning of oral soft tissue lesions.

    It is possible to have problems in the jawbone for different reasons. Depending on the nature of the problems, it can cause trouble during talking or eating. A correct planning and trouble-free treatment is possible.

    Defining and treating the problems classified as cysts, cyst-like lesions, benign tumors, malignant tumors and soft tissue lesions seen in the jawbone.

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intraoral Soft Tissue Lesions

    Consult us for effective diagnosis and correct planning of oral soft tissue lesions.

    Problems can occur for many different reasons in the gums and soft tissues such as inside the mouth. Some problems may resolve themselves, and some problems will require specialist physician support. Early diagnosis is important in many pathologies.

    It is the definition and treatment of various pathologies that occur in the soft tissues of the mouth and its surroundings. Since different lesions may develop in soft tissues, treatment methods will also differ.

    Treatments of Jaw Cysts and Tumors
    Prevent jaw cysts and tumors with regular control

    It is possible to develop unwanted cysts or tumors in the mouth for different reasons. there are types that manifest themselves with pain sensation, there are also cases that can develop without feeling pain. It is important to have early diagnosis and therefore regular dental check-ups so that it can be taken with an easy intervention.

    It is the procedure of surgical removal of cysts anywhere in the mouth. Cysts and tumors that develop in the mouth can be noticed due to pain or swelling, and can reach quite large sizes without being noticed. Although the area and size of the cyst or tumor differentiates the treatment method to be applied, the cysts should be removed by oral and dental surgeons.

    Apical Resection (Root Tip Cyst Treatment)
    With the Apical Resection procedure, put an end of toothache in a short time …

    This procedure is apical surgery, or apicoectomy. It is also known as root-end resection, because it is, quite simply, the removal of the root tip (and the surrounding infected tissue) of an abscessed tooth. This procedure also provides the opportunity to detect possible root fractures.

    Infections in the mouth can occur in many areas, including tooth roots. within 30 minutes can root tip cyst be treated . It is possible to clear the infection. Patients get rid of pain after this procedure and recover in a short time.

    Root canal treatment cannot give sufficient results in all cases and if the pain continues, root tip cyst treatment may be required.
    In our clinics, a small area opened over the jawbone to the area where the tooth root and abscess is located then removal of the root tip.

    Wisdom teeth extractions
    Put an end to your Wisdom teeth nightmare

    Wisdom teeth are almost everyone’s nightmare. Being in the rear regions and being more prone to decay due to its structure or being embedded in different directions can cause mouth complaints. Postponement of treatment causes an increase in problems. You can contact our specialist physicians without delaying your Wisdom teeth complaints.

    Wisdom tooth extraction is a common type of tooth extraction that may require simple or complex surgery. Everyone is born with wisdom teeth, but not all teeth rise above gum level or not everyone has four wisdom teeth. Generally, it can be extracted due to decay, infection or pain problems that develop in young ages.

    Embedded dental extractions
    Say goodbye to your problematic buried teeth …

    Do not be afraid of impacted teeth that cause constant pain or infection or threaten oral health. It is possible to heal or remove these teeth with surgical intervention. This procedure can be performed by specialist physicians. Do not delay this process because of your fear of the dentist.

    Embedded dental treatment is the process of removing the remaining teeth under the gingival level, usually Wisdom teeth, canines and premolars may also remain embedded. Teeth that cannot be repositioned with orthodontic methods (wires) can be extracted by our maxillofacial surgeons.

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