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Orthodontic treatment is not only done with aesthetic concerns. Distorted placement may bring along problems such as gum diseases, jaw joint problems, decreased chewing ability and even speech impairment. For this reason, do not delay your orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that controls the positional relationship of incompatible and crooked teeth with each other and tries to prevent and correct distortion. Bad habits such as using a bottle or pacifier for a long time during the infancy, eating nails or sucking fingers, and the position of 20 teeth or tooth loss during the development period may cause orthodontic disorders.

    Invisaling (transparent plate, wireless orthodontic treatment)
    Feel free to smile thanks to transparent plates

    Thanks to the invisalign wireless plates specially prepared for you, it is possible to have orthodontic treatment without anyone noticing.
    Wireless orthodontic treatment, whose visibility is reduced thanks to its transparent design, has been widely used recently.

    Designed in a digital application, Invisalign is transparent plates made in accordance with your teeth and aims to correct crooked teeth by providing wireless orthodontic treatment.

    Lingual (on the inside of the teeth facing the tongue) Orthodontic Treatment

    Do worry about braces, thanks to invisible braces

    Although many people need it, they avoid braces treatment for aesthetic concerns.
    However, invisible braces placed behind the teeth leads to eliminate this problem.

    Lingual orthodontics; It is a type of braces used to correct dental irregularities.
    Since the braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth called lingual, this treatment does not show braces and does not affect the appearance of the patients.
    However, since the tongue touches the wire surface, there is a 2-week acclimatization period.

    Takıp çıkartmalı Ortodontik apareyler

    Takıp çıkartılabilen apareyler ile ortodondik tedavi çok daha konforlu

    Diş tellerini kullanmak birçok insan için hem fiziksel hem de psikolojik açıdan zorlayıcı olabilmektedir. Fakat takıp çıkarılabilen apareyler yemek yeme, diş fırçalama gibi durumlarda kısa süreliğine çıkartılabildiğinden daha özgür bir tedavi imkanı sağlıyor.

    Takıp çıkarılabilme özelliğine sahip tellerin (aparey) ortodontik tedavilerde kullanılmasıdır.

    Tedavi Hizmetimiz İle İlgili Görseller

    Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (Covered Brackets)
    Orthodontic treatment is now faster and more aesthetic with covered braces

    You can have a more effective, comfortable and aesthetic appearance thanks to the covered brackets.
    With this technology, which reduces the friction between the wire and the bracket, it is possible to operate in a much shorter time compared to the treatment using normal brackets.

    Capped brackets are orthodontic equipment with a special lock-sliding structure.
    Thanks to these, the wire brackets are connected to the structures called slots in the middle without using rubber or thin wires.
    The resistance created by the friction force decreases to a minimum level. teeth movements become easier and the treatment time is shortened.

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