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Dental care of small patients requires more care.
Pedodontists, who also receive child psychology training in addition to dentistry training, aim to gain the love and trust of children before treatment and to make them more conscious individuals about dental health. Under the roof of Pedondonti, tooth decay preventive applications, fissure sealant, milk and young permanent dental treatments, dental trauma treatment, treatments to stop bad oral habits are included.

It is the field of science that aims to protect the primary and permanent teeth of children in the 0-13 age group in a healthy way and to treat any problems that may occur in the teeth.

    Space Maintainers
    space maintainers are an important form of treatment for healthy permanent teeth development.

    It is important for healthy teeth development to fill the empty places of milk teeth, which can be easily lost in young ages, space maintainers are recommended by our specialist physicians.

    space maintainers are movable or fixed appliances made to fill the gaps caused by early lost milk teeth. The purpose of this treatment is to prevent the deterioration of the teeth.

    Treatments to Stop Bad Oral Habits (Finger Sucking, Nail Eating, Lip Biting, etc.)

    Bad oral habits should be eliminated for dental health in children.

    Physical factors such as the movement of the lips and cheeks mey change the alignment of the newly erupted milk teeth in children.
    Therefore, unwanted habits that negatively affect tooth formation should be treated with appropriate methods.
    Incorrect alignment of milk teeth will also affect the alignment of permanent teeth.

    It is the name given to all preventive treatments to stop bad habits such as finger sucking, nail biting, lip biting that can cause problems in the continuous tooth row.

    Teeth extraction
    Thanks to our experienced pedodontics specialists, your child won’t have fear of dentists.

    In children, especially milk teeth have a structure that can decay more easily. Teeth that cannot be saved should be extracted at the last stage.

    It is the process of removing teeth that cannot be saved by amputation or filling treatment from their socket.

    Treatment of Dental Traumas
    Contact us for the most effective pedodontic treatments for dental trauma.

    One of the most distressing situations for families is broken or dislocation of teeth due to trauma. In such a case, if there is no bleeding, loss of consciousness, vomiting, nausea, a pediatrician should be consulted.

    Endodontic Treatments (Root Canal Treatment and Amputation)
    The most effective treatments to protect children’s dental health are in our clinics.

    Decays in deciduous teeth may sometimes have advanced to the nerve that feed the tooth. In this case, although extraction of the milk teeth can be preferred as a method, the life of the milk teeth can be extended with the amputation procedure.

    Amputation is the root canal treatment for nerves that’s commonly applied in deciduous teeth.

    Primary and Permanent Teeth Restorative Treatments (Fillings)
    You can extend the life of milk teeth with fillings.

    (Primary) Milk teeth fall out and make room for permanent teeth that will replace them. Although they will fall out, decays in the milk teeth should be treated. It is necessary for both the healthy development of permanent teeth and the correct development of children’s speech patterns.

    It is a filling treatment for children’s milk teeth. In some cases, filling treatment is preferred instead of milk tooth extractions.

    Fissure Sealant
    End of tooth decays with fissure sealant application …

    Contact our pedodontics experts for fissure sealants, which apply to healthy teeth and provide pre-protection against teeth decay.

    Fissure sealant (dental vaccine) application is applied to molars grooves of the tooth surfaces to been covered with a fluid filling material. Thus, the accumulation of food residues in the carious areas of the teeth is prevented and these surfaces are brushed more easily.

    Tooth Decay Preventive Applications (Fluorine Gel, Varnish)
    Healthy smiles with decay-free teeth

    Teeth are more prone to decay in young children. For this reason, preventive caries treatments are important especially for children. Varnish application with fluoride gel is a widely used treatment method for children.

    Fluorine is an element that strengthens tooth enamel and protects against caries. It is the treatment performed by applying a gel varnish with a high fluorine content applied on teeth for 6-8 hours to penetrating the enamel.

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