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Although the vast majority of the society is affected by gum disease, it can be difficult to identify the factors that cause problems and to treat them. Prevention or treatment of gum disease; In addition to the protection of natural teeth, it also brings other benefits such as more comfortable chewing and better digestion.

Periodontology is the medical field that deals with diseases affecting the gums and other tissues that support teeth.

    Aesthetic gingival treatments

    for aesthetic smiles don’t ignore your gums …

    Gums are one of the indispensable elements of dental aesthetics. Operations such as crown lengthening, depigmentation (removal of black spots), Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty can be considered as the aesthetic gum treatment framework.

    Operations performed to increase dental aesthetics are classified under this some of these are as follows.

    Crown Length Extension is a treatment performed to make the tooth length appear longer by removing excess gum tissue with laser.

    Depigmentation is the process of removing the black colors on the gums due to different reasons by using appropriate methods.

    Gingivectomy is the process of removing the structures formed by the bacteria as a result of leakage of food residues into the protrusions called “pockets” in the gums. Sometimes, after this procedure, the gums may need to be shaped aesthetically. This process is called gingivoplasty (re-shaping).

    Treatments for Gingival Recession

    For healthy gums, visit us to treat gum(gingiva) recessions …

    Gum(gingiva) are as important as teeth in terms of health and aesthetics. In addition, it is possible to lose your healthy teeth due to unhealthy gums. Gingival recession treatment, one of the most common gum problems, can be treated quite simple.

    Gum recession is the process of gum tissue retracting towards the root of the tooth. Due to gingival recession, the teeth become more visible and gaps occur where the gingiva begins. These spaces provide a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive. In cases where gingival recession progresses, tissue and bone may be damaged and tooth loss may occur.

    Contact us for the latest frenectomy methods

    Have you ever noticed the small connections in the mouth where the tongue, lips and cheeks are fixed to the palate? These tiny tissues, which have a different structure in each person, can sometimes cause serious problems such as speech impairment. In our clinics, the anomaly can be removed with very short and painless operations.

    The surgical removal of the oral ligaments of frenulum is called Frenectomy. Soft ligaments that connect the lip, tongue and cheek tissues to the palate are called frenulum. They are located between the upper and lower middle incisors on the gingiva, between the cheek and the posterior teeth, and between the tongue and the lower palate. Frenulum is of different size and build in every person. In some people, the structure of the tongue tie can restrict tongue movement and cause speech impairment or different gum problems.

    Flap Operations
    It is possible to have healthier gums with flap operations.

    It is not possible to create a completely bacteria-free environment in the mouth. But it is possible to keep it under control. With the developments of bacteria under the gums, infections mey occur in the gums create problems in both health and aesthetics. However, these infections can be easily treated with flap operations.

    Flap Operation is a surgical procedure and in cases that cannot be cured by closed root surface treatment, 6-7 mm pockets are opened in the gums and the bacterial formed under these pockets like tartar and biofilms are cleaned under local anesthesia. The gingiva, which is lifted gently, is cleaned and sewn into new places with fine stitches.

    Periodontal Treatment Supported by Laser (Biomaterial)
    Periodental treatment with laser is now painless and effortless

    Laser, which is one of the blessings of the developing technology, has begun to be widely used in the treatment of periosteum. It is possible to clean the bacteria that cause gum problems by using only laser without any surgical intervention.

    Laser / Biomaterial assisted periodontal therapy is to eliminate accumulated in a certain wavelength region in the periodontal bacterial growth targets using laser processing. Since the tissue is not cut from the gums or bone, pain and discomfort are minimized.

    Root Surface planing
    A deep cleaning sensation in your teeth with the curettage procedure.

    Deep cleaning is also known as scaling and root planning. Removing plaque and tarter from the teeth’s surface and gum pockets is known as scaling, while root planning involves removing plaque and tarter from the surface of the roots

    Untreated tartar can cause serious mouth problems. Since the process of cleaning the tartar structure formed in advanced level the treatment takes longer and requires expertise, curettage should be done regularly.

    As the tartar progresses, it can lead to gingival recession and gingivitis. Even in advanced cases, bone resorption may occur. Tartar also forms between the teeth and gums and accumulates on the surface of the tooth roots.

    calculus removal and teeth scaling
    Do not let the dental calculus shade your smile …

    Tartar and calculus is one of the most common dental diseases. related to what we eat, our teeth structure and our mouth cleaning habits, the formation of tartar can cause an appearance that can makes us hesitate to smiling. In addition, tartar cleaning, is actually extremely simple. We welcome regular dentist visits for cleaning with different methods.

    Tartar cleaning is the process of removing the tartar layer caused by the minerals in our saliva and the plaque accumulated on the tooth from the tooth enamel. If the tartar is not cleaned, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath may occur.

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